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EHRA Minutes


East Halls Spring Carnival (during finals week)?
- Apr 27th
- lawn in front of martin
- food
- bouncy house
- obstacle course
- destresser for finals
- we could do it on a multi day scale
- we have to take into account when people have to study
- we have to think about funding
- resources are a need
- best event (to rent equipment)

Construction is still going on
- keep an eye out for if they are starting too early
- they will be limited during finals week

- great chee is open again!
- Panera bread will open for more hours and this summer
- they are gonna remodel Jamba Juice and will offer new items
- slim chickens will have new items
- cow and cookies - creamery and bakery location MAKE SURE PEOPLE TRY THE PILOT

- music festival
- April 29th

Janitor Appreciation
- April 13th
- Wednesday

Our last meeting
-  superlatives
-  paper plate awards
-  game night
-  April 21st

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